Privacy policy

AMZTarget (hereinafter "we", "AMZTarget") is committed to respect confidentiality and security of personal data and other information that we receive from our service users. Therefore, each user of the AMZTarget Service is required to familiarize oneself with this Privacy Policy (the "Policy", "Privacy Policy")

If you ( "You", "User") want to use the service AMZTarget You must irrevocably and unconditionally accept all the terms of this Privacy Policy before using the Service.

AMZTarget Service is a hardware-software complex, available for remote access through website. The service gives you the opportunity to obtain and visualize statistical data on goods that are sold on the marketplace.


1.1. This Privacy Policy informs you about how we receive, store, process, use and protect personal data and other information from the AMZTarget Service users.

1.2. This Privacy Policy is directly connected to the "User Agreement", its terms and conditions you also need to familiarize with and accept before you continue using the Service.

1.3. By using the Service AMZTarget you agree to the terms of this Policy and grant AMZTarget the right to receive, store, process and use personal data and other information which AMZTarget gets in your use of the Service in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

1.4. AMZTarget does not collect information about persons who have not reached the age of 13 and in connection with this you are prohibited to use any Personal, of such persons within the Service.

1.5. To get full access to the personalized functions of the Service, you need to register in the Service, providing us with complete and reliable information about yourself. Registration result will be Virtual Personnal account created in the Service, through which you will use the service.

1.6. This Privacy Policy does not regulate the reception, storage, processing, usage and disclosure of Personal and Information data by third parties and organizations not owned or controlled by AMZTarget, or by individuals who are not AMZTarget employees, even if you have access to sites, goods or services of these persons with the help of the AMZTarget Service.


2.1. The information we collect, store and process includes the contact information entered during registration in the Service (name, surname, e-mail address), messages that you exchange with us and other information contained in this Policy.

2.2. We receive Personal and Informational data from you via our Service and e-mail, however, in some cases, We may receive this information from other persons. We collect only the information that is necessary to fulfill the goals of our relationship with you. We do not collect information that the applicable law prohibits to collect. We also do not collect information in ways prohibited by such legislation.

2.3. AMZTarget service is directly connected with the receipt of Personal and Information data, its further storage, processing and usage within your Personal Cabinet.


3.1. When registering with the Service, we ask you to fill in the registration form and provide in it some of your Personal Information. We use this information for further communication with you.

3.2. The purpose of collecting personal and information data is to provide you with the services that you requested using the Service. We will not use the Personal and Information data for purposes that are not related to our Service.

3.3. We will send you information about products, services, special offers and promotions provided by the Service. If you do not want to receive such information from us, please inform us about it using the Service functions or by contacting us by e-mail.

3.4. You can on your own (with the help of the Service functions) or by contacting us, delete the Personal and Information data provided by you. In some cases, We may not be able to do this, but we will certainly notify you of this case. At the same time, after removing such data from the Service, we will not be able to provide you with some services and some of the functions of the Service will become unavailable for you.


4.1. We do not provide Personal and Informational data to third parties without the permission of its owner, except of the following cases:
After obtaining the consent of the owner of the Personal Data, to appropriate actions with this data, if such actions and their conditions are not regulated by this Policy; If it is necessary to transmit such data to fulfill your order or request; If this is required to comply with existing laws, the fulfillment of requests and requirements of judicial, law enforcement and other state bodies. In the event that, in our opinion, you violate the terms of this Policy or the User Agreement or other agreements between you and AMZTarget.

4.2. In the case of mergers, acquisitions, purchase and sale of AMZTarget assets by another company, Personal and Information data are likely to be among the assets transferred to the new company. If this happens, we will notify you by e-mail or post this notice on our web-site in 30 days before such changes occur.


5.1. You can contact us at any time with a request to provide you with all your personal data stored in the AMZTarget hardware and software systems. We will try to respond to such a request within 30 days.

5.2. If your Personal Information has changed or you no longer wish to use the AMZTarget Service and wish to remove from the Service all Personal and Information data provided by you, you can make changes, update, deactivate or delete such data using the User account function or sending us an e-mail request.

5.3. If your personal data, which the Service stores and processes, have changed, you need to make the appropriate changes in the Service also, as our useage of outdated information can reduce the quality of the Services provided or make it impossible to be used by you.


6.1. AMZTarget will take all reasonable precautions to protect the Personal and Information data stored in the Service from loss, misrepresentation or unauthorized use. This includes physical, technological and programmatic security measures. AMZTarget tries to protect such data from the stage of their transfer to the Service.

6.2. However, you should understand that there is no way to transfer data via the Internet or store it digitally, which will be 100% secure. Thus, despite all our efforts, We can not guarantee the absolute protection of the information received by AMZTarget from you. Also, if you lose or do not care about the security and confidentiality of your authorization data to the Service (login and password), third parties can get unauthorized access to your User account, as well as to Personal and Information data stored in the Service.

6.3. We will keep your Personal Information and Information data as long as your Account is active, or for the time necessary to provide you with the Service, dispute resolution and execution of our mutual arrangements.


7.1. AMZTarget website uses cookie files and other technologies that help us to monitor the actions of users of the Service. A cookie is a piece of data that is automatically created by the Service and stored in the computer of the Service user as one or more files. Cookies are individual, but do not contain any Personal Data.

7.2. You can block the download of the cookie to your computer at any time, however this may make certain features of the Service not available fot you.

7.3. When using the Service, we receive and store data that do not identify a specific person and is not personal: the user's IP address, the version of the operating system, the presence or absence of installed software, the version of such software, etc. We use this information to monitor and analyze trends, administer the Service, track the movement of users on the Site, collect demographic and geographic information about our user bases in general. We do not associate such data with personal data.

7.4. Our privacy statement contained in this Policy shall not apply to the cookie files of third parties and we have no access to or control over these files.


8.1. In the future, in connection with the extension or modification of the functions of the Service, as well as the change in the procedure for its provision, this Privacy Policy will be amended. We will notify you of such changes in the Policy by sending a message to your email address or by posting a notice in the Service.

8.2. All changes made to this Policy will be available in the form of its new version at The new version of the Privacy Policy shall take effect no sooner than 30 days after the date of sending or posting notice. In any case - using the Service, you agree to the terms of the Privacy Policy in the version that is valid at the time you use the Service.

8.3. If you are not fully understand the terms of this Policy, you may, before using the Service, contact us for the clarifications you need. By registering in the Service and / or using the Service and / or accepting the terms of this Policy in another way, you acknowledge that you understand all the provisions of this Policy and you have received from us all the necessary explanations.

8.4. In the event that the provisions of different language versions of this Privacy Policy are treated differently, the English version will prevail.